We offer purposeful solutions to our clients, which match their real needs.

ROSE Legal

Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs and corporations in all areas of business and corporate law, as well as trust and family law. We support our clients in transactions, asset structuring, dispute resolution and other specific cases, both in the Czech context and in international projects.


Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs and corporations in all areas of business and corporate law, as well as trust and family law. We support our clients in transactions, asset structuring, dispute resolution and other specific cases, both in the Czech context and in international projects.

We work closely with leading law firms abroad, which allows us to offer optimal solutions to Czech clients, wherever their business activities take place. Our lawyers are registered with the Czech Bar Association. Most have additional legal qualifications and have studied or worked abroad.

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We emphasize objectivity, accuracy, and passion. We get to the heart of the matter and propose deep and innovative solutions across disciplines. In addition to considering all relevant legal aspects, our solutions always consider the business interests of our clients. In our work, we have set the highest standards as essential for targeted and decisive action.

We conscientiously and steadfastly promote the goals of our clients. No matter how delicate the situation, our clients can count on us to keep a cool head. The cooperation and high motivation of all participating teams guarantee that the issue will be resolved successfully.

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ROSE Legal is part of the ROSE Group. It was established as an independent law firm in 2010 under the name Rentsch Legal. Today, it provides its services both within the group for ROSE clients, but also for its Czech and foreign clients outside ROSE. Thanks to a tight network of friendly law firms in all major jurisdictions, we can provide comprehensive legal support across borders.

We assemble a team of specialists for each project, including at least one senior lawyer. We ensure that our clients' affairs are handled professionally, regardless of their complexity and time demands.

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Our Specializations

Many of our clients are successful business families who, during their history, have established effective cooperation with legal experts in the field of business. In close cooperation with these lawyers, we focus on the effective organization of relationships within the family and the consistent connection of the family to its business and significant non-business assets. The main goal consists in ensuring maximum continuity in the management of the family’s wealth across generations.

Private Clients

In close cooperation with our colleagues from ROSE Family, we plan and implement property structures for entrepreneurs and their families. The aim is to create the preconditions for families to manage their property in the long run and together, across generations. A family property structure is required to provide effective protection against external influences and risks inherent in business but also in unclear relationships within the family.

Our services include:

  • Creation of holding structures, even cross-border
  • Creation of trust or endowment structures in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Support in creating family charters or constitutions for family governance
  • Ongoing support in the management of asset and holding structures
  • Preparation of inheritance agreements and wills
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements
  • Protection of minors

When managing assets, there are usually situations where it is desirable to sell a particular asset or where an opportunity emerges to make a profitable investment by buying a company, real estate, a work of art or an antique car. Our team provides legal support in these situations, regularly working closely with our colleagues from ROSE Wealth.


Athletes often must think and act like entrepreneurs because the length of their careers is naturally limited. It is therefore all the more important that they take care of securing their income in both the short and long term.

Our services include:

  • Representing athletes in dealings with sponsors, agents, clubs, and financial institutions
  • Management of contracts
  • Creation of a suitable asset structure (e.g., trust)
  • Ongoing support in structure and asset management

Athletes need to think ahead of time about what they will do after their career is over. They do not necessarily have to train other athletes; they can become investors or start their own business. Thanks to its expertise, our team also supports such projects.

Corporate law / M&A including mergers and transformations

Our team provides Czech and foreign entrepreneurs as well as corporations legal advice and expert support in the purchase or sale of companies, in domestic and cross-border transformations, as well as in joint venture, private equity or venture capital projects. We also support clients in setting up and adhering to corporate governance rules.

Our services include:

  • Structuring the transaction and preparing the target company for sale
  • Carrying out legal audits in target companies
  • Preparation and negotiation of transactional contractual documentation
  • Ensuring the settlement of transactions
  • Execution of corporate transformations (mergers, spin-offs, etc.), including cross-border relocations
  • Support for private equity investments and venture capital projects
  • Support in setting up corporate governance and regular corporate housekeeping
  • Preparation of contracts with members of company bodies and setting up incentive programs
  • Management of employment contracts


Real estate

We support clients in all legal matters, in the purchase or sale of commercial, industrial, and private real estate, as well as in the preparation and implementation of development projects and in the ongoing management of real estate.

Our services include:

  • Structuring the transaction and preparing the property for sale
  • Carrying out legal due diligence of real estate
  • Preparation and negotiation of transactional contractual documentation
  • Setting up and managing relationships with tenants
  • Comprehensive legal support in the implementation of development projects, including support for the project owner in negotiations with investors and banks

Litigation / Arbitration

We also support our clients in connection with the prevention of disputes and represent entrepreneurs, corporations, trusts, and private individuals in civil and commercial disputes before Czech courts and authorities. We provide the same in the case of arbitration clauses. In addition, we support clients in disputes in other national jurisdictions.

Our services include:

  • Negotiation of settlements
  • Representation of clients before courts and authorities
  • Representation of clients in arbitration proceedings
  • Support in litigation or arbitration abroad


Working at ROSE Legal

Our clients are mainly Czech and foreign entrepreneurs and corporations. The range of our clients is wide. We work for owners of small domestic companies as well as for the creators of family empires and, finally, for projects of multinational groups in the Czech Republic. Clearly everyday work in our firm is unusually varied.

This variety is also supported by the fact that ROSE Legal is part of the ROSE Group. So our lawyers usually work closely with colleagues from ROSE Family and the transaction department. This cooperation ensures that we only supply clients with legally correct, comprehensive, and practically usable solutions.

The key to our successful work is, of course, our employees. They can assume fundamental responsibility within client projects, regardless of the length of their career. The only criteria are competence and commitment. The opportunity to use and improve your fluency in foreign languages is just one of the many other perks.

Everyone who works for ROSE Legal will realize that it is a time-consuming job. That is why we demand a relatively high degree of flexibility. On the other hand, we do not encourage spending all day in the office. In the long run, excessive working hours is counterproductive. People get tired and start making mistakes. And honestly, what client wants to meet a pale and exhausted lawyer?


Our ex-colleagues are important to us. Maintaining good interpersonal relationships is our key concern. Of course, not everyone who works with us spends their entire professional career with our firm. But for a while they were part of our success. We are interested in the advancement of our alumni, who often have successful careers in the private or public sector. The fact that many hold remarkable positions testifies to the quality of our legal practice and the wide range of our activities.

Let's stay in touch. We keep a database. If there are changes in contact addresses, please let us know at alumni@rose-europe.eu


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